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A 'slash and skewer' cooking/adventure game being produced for the capstone sequence of the UCSC game design major. As part of an eleven-person team, I contribute gameplay programming, level design, writing, and some artwork. Currently a Work in Progress.

Savor Saber

Copy of Marsh1.PNG

A dungeon mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, containing two distinct zones - a typical Nordic ruin, and the ancient Falmer temple unearthed by an ill-fated excavation team.



A custom map for Portal. Winner of the MyApertureInnovations contest for the use of custom content and puzzles. 



A prototype flight simulator made as a project for UCSC's Game Technologies class. Although I did all of the programming, most art assets were downloaded from the Unity Asset Store due to time constraints (see credits on, save for some materials made in Substance Designer.

Wind Relay


After making several community maps for AVWW 1, mostly boss encounters, I was hired by Arcen to produce "slices" of levels for the game's sequel. These slices were stitched together into larger maps with a level generation algorithm.

A Valley Without Wind 1 & 2


A platformer made using the Phaser JavaScript framework for the Game Development Experience class at UCSC. As part of a three-person team, I contributed level design, programming, and some artwork.

Note: The password for this game is, quite imaginatively, Atherton.


I use the StarCraft II Galaxy editor not only to try my hand at making multiplayer skirmish maps, but also just as an exercise in creating interesting environments. I sometimes use it for creating top-down battle maps to use in online Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. The gallery to the left shows some of my results.

Assorted StarCraft II Maps


No, not Blizzard's Overwatch - rather, a 2012 Half-Life 2 mod developed by RedMatter, pitting an RTS player against a team of FPS players. I started out making community maps like Superfortress and was later recruited to do the art pass on other, unfinished maps.



My most ambitious project - too ambitious, in fact, for my middle school self to handle. It was intended to be a standalone story mod for Half-Life 2, and, at its peak, was developed by a team of three, although it was eventually cancelled. Nonetheless, it was a valuable learning experience.

Ground Zero


Standing Under a False Flag


A Twine text adventure with a mystery theme, made for the Foundations of Digital Game Design class at UCSC. As this was a solo project with a limited time frame, I focused on the narrative and investigation mechanics, and the use of imagery is limited.

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